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For Tyros 1 &2, older PSR, CLP and DGX series (SFF1-Format) and
       Tyros 3, 4 &5, newer PSR, CLP and DGX series  (SFF2-Format)

With Style Works XT Yamaha you can convert any other keyboards' styles for your Yamaha instrument, edit styles on the PC and create song-related styles from standard midifiles.

Even conversion from one Yamaha instrument to another will give better results than simply loading a style made for (e.g.) PSR-9000 into a Tyros. Simply select the desired destination device, load the style and save it again. Doing so will e.g. remove the MegaVoices from a Tyros style and replace them with "normal" XG- or Preset- voices when saving for PSR-9000

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